Top TV Programs

Did you know?

Eighty 80% percent of the Top 10 Regularly Scheduled Network TV Programs and seventy 70% percent of the Top 10 Specials In Canada in 2011-2012 were available from Canadian broadcast TV networks and could be received for FREE with a NorthVu NV20 Pro indoor TV antenna.

You’ll be astounded by the Top TV Programs and TV Specials available for FREE over-the-air.  
With a digital TV antenna, like the NV20 Pro, you will be able to watch:

free hdtv for prime time shows and live special events
Free HDTV for kids shows and public programming
Quality Public Programming
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Culture and Society
  • Health
  • History
  • Food
  • News and Public Affairs
  • Parents Science and Nature
  • Technology

free hdtv for local news, sports and weather Your Local News Sports and Weather

…and soooo much more!

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